World Rally Championship teams

A list of any current and historical World Rally Championship teams.

Citroën Total WRT

FR France (Versalles)
Citroën (Factory Team)
In WRC since 2001 until 2019

Fuckmatiè WRT

IT Italy
In WRC since 2015

Hyundai 2C Competition

FR France
In WRC since 2015

Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT

DE Germany
Hyundai (Factory Team)
In WRC since 2000


FI Finland
In WRC since 2021

Jolly Club

IT Italy (Milano)
In WRC since 1983 until 1999

M-Sport Ford WRT

GB United Kingdom
In WRC since 1979

Martini Racing

IT Italy
In WRC since 1978 until 2002

Mazda Rally Team Europe

BE Belgium (Brussels)
In WRC since 1982 until 1991

Mini WRC Team

GB United Kingdom (Banbury)
Mini (Factory Team)
In WRC since 2011 until 2012

Mitsubishi Ralliart WRT

GB United Kingdom (Rugby)
Mitsubishi (Factory Team)
In WRC since 1982 until 2005

Peugeot Sport

FR France (Versailles)
Peugeot (Factory Team)
In WRC since 1984 until 2003

SEAT World Rally Team

ES Spain (Martorell (Barcelona))
SEAT (Factory Team)
In WRC since 1998 until 2000

Subaru WRT

GB United Kingdom (Banbury)
In WRC since 1980 until 2008

Suzuki WRT

HU Hungary (Esztergom)
Suzuki (Factory Team)
In WRC since 2007 until 2008


FR France
Talbot (Factory Team)
In WRC since 1979 until 1982

Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT

JP Japan
Toyota (Factory Team)
In WRC since 2017

Volkswagen Motorsport

DE Germany (Hannover)
Volkswagen (Factory Team)
In WRC since 2011 until 2014


The importance of the teams in the World Rally Championship

WRC teams are the backbone of this thrilling motorsport competition.

WRC teams

WRC teams are dynamic and multifaceted entities that combine cutting-edge technology, expert personnel, and raw talent to compete at the highest level of rallying.

The World Rally Teams competition

WRC teams compete not only for individual rally victories but also for the prestigious World Rally Championship titles. These include the Manufacturers' Championship, awarded to the team with the highest cumulative points across the season, and the Drivers' Championship, awarded to the individual driver with the most points.

WRC teams types

WRC teams functions

WRC events take place across diverse terrains and climates around the world, from snow-covered roads in Sweden to gravel tracks in Finland and asphalt stages in Spain. As a result, WRC teams must adapt their strategies, setups, and driving styles to each unique environment to maximize their chances of success.

WRT crew members

WRC teams consist of various crew members, including drivers, co-drivers (or navigators), engineers, mechanics, team managers, and support staff. Each member plays a vital role in the team's success, whether it's optimizing the performance of the rally car, managing logistics during events, or providing moral support to drivers.

The driver-team relationships

In WRC, the relationship between drivers and their teams is crucial. Teams provide technical support, engineering expertise, logistics, and strategic guidance to their drivers throughout the season. Successful partnerships between drivers and teams are built on trust, communication, and mutual respect.