Thierry Neuville WRC driver victories

Sankt Vith, 1988

The WRC driver Thierry Neuville was born in Sankt Vith (Belgium) in 1988 (35 years old).

Thierry Neuville WRC rally victories

Germany Rallye Deutschland   (Tarmac)  Fri 22nd - Sun 24th Aug 
Italy Rally Sardinia   (Gravel)  Thu 9th - Sun 12th Jun 
France Tour de Corse   (Tarmac) Fri 7th - Sun 9th Apr
Argentina Rally Argentina   (Gravel) Thu 27th - Sun 30th Apr
Poland Rally Poland   (Gravel) Thu 29th Jun - Sun 2nd Jul
Australia Rally Australia   (Gravel) Fri 17th - Sun 19th Nov
Sweden Rally Sweden   (Snow) Thu 15th - Sun 18th Feb
Portugal Rallye de Portugal   (Gravel) Thu 17th - Sun 20th May
Italy Rally Sardinia   (Gravel) Thu 7th - Sun 10th Jun
France Tour de Corse   (Tarmac) Fri 29th - Sun 31st Mar
Argentina Rally Argentina   (Gravel) Thu 25th - Sun 28th Apr
Spain Rally Catalunya   (Tarmac/gravel) Thu 24th - Sun 27th Oct
Monaco Rallye de Monte-Carlo   (Tarmac/snow) Thu 23rd - Sun 26th Jan
Belgium Ypres Rally   (Tarmac) Fri 13th - Sun 15th Aug
Spain Rally Catalunya   (Tarmac) Thu 14th - Sun 17th Oct
Greece Acropolis Rally of Greece   (Gravel) Fri 09th - Sun 11th Sep
Japan Rally Japan   (Tarmac) Fri 11th - Sun 13th Nov
Italy Rally Sardinia   (Gravel) Thu 01st - Sun 04th Jun
Europe Central Europe Rally   (Tarmac) Thu 26th - Sun 29th Oct
Monaco Rallye de Monte-Carlo   (Tarmac/smow) Thu 25th - Sun 28th Jan

How many rallies has Thierry Neuville won and on what surface?

Thierry Neuville has won 20 rallies of the World Rally Championship:

What is the rally that Thierry Neuville has won the most times?

3Italy Rally Sardinia (Gravel)
2Argentina Rally Argentina (Gravel)
2France Tour de Corse (Tarmac)
2Spain Rally Catalunya (Tarmac/gravel)
2Monaco Rallye de Monte-Carlo (Tarmac/snow)
1Germany Rallye Deutschland (Tarmac)
1Australia Rally Australia (Gravel)
1Poland Rally Poland (Gravel)
1Portugal Rallye de Portugal (Gravel)
1Sweden Rally Sweden (Snow)
1Belgium Ypres Rally (Tarmac)
1Greece Acropolis Rally of Greece (Gravel)
1Japan Rally Japan (Tarmac)
1Europe Central Europe Rally (Tarmac)