Jordan Rally in the World Rally Championship

Jordan Rally
JO Jordan
Since 1981
WRC since 2008 (26th edition) until 2011

The Jordan Rally holds a unique place in the annals of motorsport, particularly within the Middle East. Its inception in 1981 marked the beginning of what would become a celebrated event in the rallying calendar. Situated in the heart of the Middle East, the rally leverages the diverse and challenging terrain of Jordan, from the rugged deserts to the stunning landscapes around the Dead Sea.

The rally quickly garnered attention for its demanding courses and breathtaking scenery, drawing competitors from across the globe. As the event evolved, it began to attract not just regional participants but also top drivers from the international rallying community, enhancing its prestige and competitive stature.

In 2008, the Jordan Rally achieved a significant milestone by being included in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar. This inclusion marked the first time a country in the Middle East hosted a WRC event, cementing Jordan's place on the global motorsport stage. The rally featured grueling stages that tested the skill and endurance of even the most seasoned drivers, contributing to its reputation as one of the most challenging rallies in the WRC circuit.

The WRC event in Jordan not only showcased the nation's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage but also demonstrated the region's capability to host an event of such magnitude. The rally's stages often included routes that passed through historically significant locations, providing a unique blend of motorsport and culture.

Throughout its history, the Jordan Rally has continually evolved, maintaining its status as a premier event in the rallying world. It has played a crucial role in promoting motorsport in the Middle East, inspiring a new generation of drivers and enthusiasts in the region. The legacy of the Jordan Rally is one of innovation, endurance, and a celebration of the dynamic and picturesque landscapes that make rallying in Jordan a truly unique experience.

Jordan Rally winners

The Jordan Rally has seen a variety of winners since its inception, reflecting its challenging nature and international appeal. The rally began as a regional event but gained prominence over the years, especially after joining the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) in 2008.

In its early years, local and regional drivers often dominated the podium. As the rally grew in prestige and became part of the WRC, it attracted top-tier international competitors. The 2008 event, the first WRC Jordan Rally, was won by Mikko Hirvonen, driving for the BP-Ford World Rally Team. This victory was significant as it highlighted the competitive nature of the rally and its integration into the global motorsport calendar.

In 2010, Sébastien Loeb, one of the most successful rally drivers in history, claimed victory in Jordan, further enhancing the event's reputation. Loeb, driving for the Citroën Total World Rally Team, showcased his exceptional skills on the demanding Jordanian terrain. His win in Jordan was part of his illustrious career, which includes multiple WRC championships.

The 2011 Jordan Rally was notable for its dramatic finish, with Sébastien Ogier securing victory by a mere 0.2 seconds, one of the closest margins in WRC history. Driving for Citroën, Ogier's win underscored the rally's competitive intensity and the high stakes involved.

Since then, the Jordan Rally has continued to be a platform for both emerging and established rally drivers. Its winners list is a testament to the rally's challenging routes and the skill required to navigate them successfully. The combination of local talent and international stars has made the Jordan Rally a significant event in the rallying world.

Jordan rally best stage

The Jordan Rally is renowned for its diverse and challenging stages, but one stage consistently stands out as the most iconic: the Dead Sea stage. This stage is celebrated not only for its technical difficulty but also for its stunning natural backdrop.

The Dead Sea stage is set against the extraordinary scenery of the lowest point on Earth, offering drivers a unique and picturesque rallying experience. The terrain here is a mix of rocky paths, treacherous gravel sections, and sudden elevation changes, which test the skills and endurance of the drivers and their teams. The combination of harsh environmental conditions and breathtaking views creates a dramatic setting that is both demanding and rewarding.

One of the highlights of the Dead Sea stage is its proximity to historical and archaeological sites, which adds a layer of cultural significance to the rally. Drivers and spectators alike are treated to views of ancient landscapes that have witnessed millennia of history, blending the excitement of motorsport with a profound sense of place.

Another feature that makes the Dead Sea stage particularly challenging is the intense heat. The area is known for its high temperatures, which can reach extreme levels, putting additional strain on both the cars and the crews. This aspect of the stage requires meticulous preparation and endurance, making a successful run here a testament to the team's overall resilience.

The Dead Sea stage encapsulates the essence of the Jordan Rally, combining natural beauty with formidable rallying conditions. It remains a favorite among drivers and fans, symbolizing the adventurous spirit and unique appeal of the Jordan Rally.

Seasons in World Rally Championship

2008 Mikko Hirvonen    Thu 24th - Sun 27th Apr 
... 1 year discontinued ...
2010 Sebastien Loeb    Thu 1st - Sat 3rd Apr 
2011 Sebastien Ogier    Thu 14th - Sat 16th Apr 
... out of the WRC calendar 13 years ago.