Rally of Indonesia in the World Rally Championship

Rally of Indonesia
ID Indonesia
Since 1986 until 2013
WRC since 1996 (21st edition) until 1997

The Indonesia Rally is a rally race that has been held annually on dirt roads in Indonesia since 1986. Indonesia has a strong motorsport culture and it is one of the country's main automobile events.
It was conceived as an international race: the 1994 and 1995 editions were candidate dates for the World Rally Championship and scoring dates for that event in 1996 and 1997.
The 1998 edition was also going to be but was canceled due to civil unrest in the country.
And in 1999 it was not disputed either. It was organized again in 2000 as a national championship race and as of 2005, it counts towards the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship. The 2010 edition was cancelled.

Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya, in a Ford Scort, were the winners of the two editions of the world rally championships.

Seasons in World Rally Championship

1996 Carlos Sainz    Fri 10th - Sun 12th May 
1997 Carlos Sainz    Thu 18th - Sun 21st Sep 
1998 Cancelled
... out of the WRC calendar 26 years ago.