Rally Chile in the World Rally Championship

Rally Chile
CL Chile
Since 2019
WRC since 2019 (1st edition)
Surface: Gravel

The Rally Chile made its debut on the international rallying stage in 2019 as part of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of South America, the rally quickly captured the imagination of drivers, teams, and fans alike.

Its introduction marked a significant moment in the history of the WRC, as Chile became the latest addition to the roster of countries hosting this prestigious motorsport event. The rally's inclusion reflected the growing popularity of rallying in South America and underscored the region's passion for motorsport.

The inaugural Rally Chile featured a challenging mix of gravel stages, which tested the skill and endurance of the competitors. Drivers tackled a variety of terrains, from fast and flowing sections to tight and technical corners, against the backdrop of Chile's stunning scenery.

The rally's first winners, including the likes of Sébastien Ogier and Elfyn Evans, showcased their talent and adaptability on the demanding Chilean stages. Their victories added to the event's allure and established it as a highlight of the WRC calendar.

In subsequent years, the Rally Chile continued to attract top drivers from around the world, cementing its status as a must-visit destination for rallying enthusiasts. The event provided a unique opportunity for competitors to experience the beauty and challenges of rallying in the South American continent.

The Rally Chile's inclusion in the WRC not only elevated the profile of motorsport in Chile but also contributed to the global expansion of rallying. It served as a platform for showcasing the country's natural landscapes, cultural heritage, and passion for motorsport to a worldwide audience.

Despite its relatively short history, the Rally Chile has already left a lasting impression on the world of rallying. Its challenging stages, stunning scenery, and enthusiastic fans have made it a favorite among drivers and spectators alike, ensuring its place as a standout event in the WRC calendar for years to come.

Chile Rally best stage

One of the most exhilarating and iconic stages of the Rally Chile is the "El Chocolate" stage. This stage stands out for its challenging terrain, breathtaking scenery, and thrilling racing action.

Named after the nearby El Chocolate River, this stage offers a diverse mix of gravel roads, tight corners, and elevation changes that demand precision and skill from drivers. The route winds through the picturesque landscapes of the Chilean countryside, with stunning views of mountains, valleys, and forests providing a spectacular backdrop to the rally action.

What sets the El Chocolate stage apart is its technical complexity and the intensity of the competition it fosters. Drivers must navigate a series of tight hairpin bends and fast straights, testing their reflexes and control as they tackle the undulating terrain. The stage's challenging nature often leads to dramatic moments and thrilling battles as competitors push themselves to the limit.

The El Chocolate stage also offers a unique experience for spectators, with designated viewing areas providing opportunities to witness the rally cars in action against the backdrop of Chile's natural beauty. The stage's remote location and rugged surroundings add to its allure, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for fans and participants alike.

Overall, the El Chocolate stage embodies the spirit of the Rally Chile, combining technical difficulty with breathtaking scenery to create an unforgettable rally experience. It remains a favorite among drivers and fans, symbolizing the excitement and adventure of rallying in the stunning landscapes of Chile.

Chile Rally destacated winners

The Rally Chile has seen several notable winners since its introduction to the World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar. Among the standout victors are:

These drivers' successes at the Rally Chile underscore the event's significance on the WRC calendar and its reputation for providing challenging and competitive stages. Their victories highlight their skill, determination, and ability to adapt to the unique conditions presented by the Chilean gravel roads.

Seasons in World Rally Championship

2019 Ott Tanak   Fri 10th - Sun 12th May
2020 Cancelled Due to political and social unrest.
2021 Cancelled COVID pandemia.
... 1 year discontinued ...
2023 Ott Tänak   Thu 28th Sep - Sun 01st Oct
2024 Thu 24th - Sun 27th Oct