Shekhar Mehta WRC driver victories

Kampala, 1945 - 2006

The WRC driver Shekhar Mehta was born in Kampala (Uganda) in 1945 and died in 2006, at the age of 60 years.

Shekhar Mehta WRC rally victories

Kenya Safari Rally   (Gravel)  Thu 19th - Mon 23rd Apr 
Kenya Safari Rally   (Gravel)  Thu 12th - Mon 16th Apr 
Kenya Safari Rally   (Gravel)  Thu 3rd - Mon 7th Apr 
Kenya Safari Rally   (Gravel)  Thu 16th - Mon 20th Apr 
Kenya Safari Rally   (Gravel)  Thu 8th - Mon 12th Apr 

How many rallies has Shekhar Mehta won and on what surface?

Shekhar Mehta has won 5 rallies of the World Rally Championship:

What is the rally that Shekhar Mehta has won the most times?

5Kenya Safari Rally (Gravel)