Raffaele Pinto WRC driver victories

Casnate, 1945 - 2020

The WRC driver Raffaele Pinto was born in Casnate (Italy) in 1945 and died in 2020, at the age of 75 years.

Raffaele Pinto WRC rally victories

Portugal Rallye de Portugal   (Tarmac/gravel)  Wed 20th - Sat 23rd Mar 

How many rallies has Raffaele Pinto won and on what surface?

Raffaele Pinto has won 1 rallies of the World Rally Championship:

Raffaele Pinto biography in rallies

Raffaele Pinto began rallying in 1968 when he shows, right at the Rally of Montecarlo, at the steering wheel of a Fulvia HF. In the same year he is 2nd with Rossi at the 999 Minutes while he wins in couple with Mascetti the Villa d'Este of the following year.
In 1970 but he gets his brightest results in the rallies, 4th place in Spain rally in couple with Peter Sodano.
In 1971 he moves to Fiat, where at the steering wheel of the 124 Spider he makes couple with Gino Macaluso.
In 1972, he won the European Rally Championship in a Fiat 124 Sport Spider, winning in Costa Brava, Hessen, Semperit, Poland, Yugoslavia and Thousand Minutes.
In 1973, when the World Rally Championship was run for the first time, in couple with Arnaldo Bernacchini he is second in Costa Brava and into the San Martino di Castrozza.
In 1974 he wins the Rally Portugalwith Fiat, and it is second in Elba.
For 1975, he moved to Lancia, where he remained until the end of 1977, driving the legendary Lancia Stratos HF, as an official pilot of the Lancia Racing Team, always in couple with Arnaldo Bernacchini.
At the Rally of Montecarlo, first test of the 1975 Championship of the World, Caesar Fiorio commits to Raffaele Pinto, to French Jean Claude Andruet and to the "Dragon" Sandro Munari (who at the end will triumph along the roads that face Montecarlo) the assignment to defend the colors of Lancia. The debut with the Stratos is not the most fortunate and Pinto retires, betrayed by a thick plate of ice: same fate occurs to the French Andruet.
In March of the 1975 he conquers the Rally of Sicily winning again with the colors of Lancia: his affirmation consoles the vertices of the Turinese House disappointed by the missed "en plein" at the African Safari, where the Stratos concludes in 2nd place with Munari and 3rd with Waldegard.
In 1976 4th overall in Rally Of Portugal and 3rd overall in Rally di Sanremo.
In 1977 2nd overall in Tour de Corse.