Markku Alén

Helsinki, 1951

The WRC driver Markku Alén was born in Helsinki (Finland) in 1951 (71 years old).

Markku Alén Championships

1978 (FIA Cup) Fiat 131 Abarth & Lancia Stratos HF (in two rallies)

Markku Alén has won 1 champinships of the World Rally Championship.

Markku Alén WRC rally victories

Portugal Rallye de Portugal   (Tarmac/gravel)  Fri 18th - Mon 21st Jul 
Finland Rally Finland   (Gravel)  Fri 27th - Sun 29th Aug 
Portugal Rallye de Portugal   (Tarmac/gravel)  Tue 1st - Sun 6th Mar 
Portugal Rallye de Portugal   (Tarmac/gravel)  Wed 19th - Sun 23rd Apr 
Finland Rally Finland   (Gravel)  Fri 25th - Sun 27th Aug 
Italy Rallye Sanremo   (Tarmac)  Tue 3rd - Sat 7th Oct 
Finland Rally Finland   (Gravel)  Fri 24th - Tue 28th Aug 
Finland Rally Finland   (Gravel)  Fri 29th - Sun 31st Aug 
Portugal Rallye de Portugal   (Tarmac/gravel)  Wed 4th - Sat 7th Mar 
France Tour de Corse   (Tarmac)  Thu 5th - Sat 7th May 
Italy Rallye Sanremo   (Tarmac/gravel)  Sun 2nd - Sat 8th Oct 
France Tour de Corse   (Tarmac)  Thu 3rd - Sat 5th May 
Italy Rallye Sanremo   (Tarmac/gravel)  Mon 13th - Fri 17th Oct  Annulled Results annulled by FISA after being disputed. Is therefore not considered as a WRC win.
USA Olympus Rally   (Gravel)  Thu 4th - Sun 7th Dec 
Portugal Rallye de Portugal   (Tarmac/gravel)  Wed 11th - Sat 14th Mar 
Greece Acropolis Rally of Greece   (Gravel)  Sun 31st May - Wed 3rd Jun 
Finland Rally Finland   (Gravel)  Thu 27th - Sun 30th Aug 
Sweden Rally Sweden   (Snow)  Thu 4th - Sat 6th Feb 
Finland Rally Finland   (Gravel)  Fri 26th - Fri 26th Aug 
United Kingdom Wales Rally   (Gravel)  Sun 20th - Thu 24th Nov 

How many rallies has Markku Alén won and on what surface?

Markku Alén has won 20 rallies of the World Rally Championship: