Jean-claude Andruet WRC driver victories

Montreuil, 1940

The WRC driver Jean-claude Andruet was born in Montreuil (France) in 1940 (83 years old).

Jean-claude Andruet WRC rally victories

Monaco Rallye de Monte-Carlo   (Tarmac/snow)  Fri 19th - Fri 26th Jan 
France Tour de Corse   (Tarmac)  Sat 30th Nov - Sun 1st Dec 
Italy Rallye Sanremo   (Tarmac)  Tue 4th - Sat 8th Oct 

How many rallies has Jean-claude Andruet won and on what surface?

Jean-claude Andruet has won 3 rallies of the World Rally Championship:

What is the rally that Jean-claude Andruet has won the most times?

1Monaco Rallye de Monte-Carlo (Tarmac/snow)
1France Tour de Corse (Tarmac)
1Italy Rallye Sanremo (Tarmac)

Jean-claude Andruet biography in rallies

After being French junior judo champion, he made his rally debut in 1965 at the "Côte Fleurie". In the wake of this, he won two victories in the first Gordini Cup in 1966 (in Reims and Clermont-Ferrand)2. Twenty years later, he has a total of sixty victories, for a ratio of 17.5% of success (between rallies and hill climbs).

Crowned European champion and French rally champion in 1970, he was also crowned French champion in 19683. In 1972, he won 10 of the 11 French races in which he participated.

Among his many successes, Jean-Claude won the very first event organized in the WRC, the famous Rallye Monte-Carlo 1973 in the Alpine Renault berlinetta (thus joining the epic of the Alpine Renault Musketeers that were also Jean-Luc Thérier, Jean-Pierre Nicolas and Bernard Darniche, to win the manufacturer's title of the 1973 World Rally Championship, while having left Alpine for Lancia after his victory in the Monte-Carlo)4. He also triumphed in the Tour of Corsica where he won three times: twice at the wheel of the Alpine berlinetta (in 19685 and 19726), and a third time in 1974 with the Lancia Stratos7. He also made a name for himself in Ferrari rallies, winning the Tour de France automobile three times in 19728 with a Ferrari 365 GTB4, 19819 and 198210 with a Ferrari 308 GTB, and winning the tenth Sicily Rally in 1981, also with a Ferrari 308 GTB.

From 1967 to 1989, he also participated regularly in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, driving various types of cars: (Alpine, Ferrari, Rondeau, Spice), with two 5th places as best results, in 1972 and 1981. Winner of the energy index in 1968 with Jean-Pierre Nicolas on an Alpine A 210 (1 005 cm3 engine) at an average speed of 152.971 km/h. Winner in GTS in 1972 on a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona with Claude Ballot-Lena at an average speed of 173.444 km/h. IMSA group winner in 1981 on a Ferrari 512 BB LM with Claude Ballot-Lena at an average speed of 186.226 km/h. Winner of the C2 group in 1989 on Courage C 20 LM with the crew Shungi Kasuya and Philippe Fargeon at an average speed of 176,320 km/h.

He also drove the Citroën BX 4TC during his short career in Group B.

At the beginning of October 2007, after not having driven a rally car for twelve years, Jean-Claude returned to competition in historic vehicle races. He won the Tour de Corse Historique at the wheel of a Porsche 911 (co-driver Guy Mizael), and was winner of the Coupe de France des rallyes VHC (Véhicule Historique de Compétition) 2008, in his category (according to the age of the car), with the Porsche 911 RSR of Philippe Peauger's "TCM-Feralu" team, and he won the final of the Coupe de France des rallyes VHC twice: in 2010 and in 2012 (with his legendary co-driver "Biche" at his side).