Gilles Panizzi WRC driver victories

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, 1965

The WRC driver Gilles Panizzi was born in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (France) in 1965 (58 years old).

Gilles Panizzi WRC rally victories

France Tour de Corse   (Tarmac)  Thu 28th Sep - Sun 1st Oct 
Italy Rallye Sanremo   (Tarmac)  Thu 19th - Sun 22nd Oct 
Italy Rallye Sanremo   (Tarmac)  Thu 4th - Sun 7th Oct 
France Tour de Corse   (Tarmac)  Thu 7th - Sun 10th Mar 
Spain Rally Catalunya   (Tarmac)  Thu 21st - Sun 24th Mar 
Italy Rallye Sanremo   (Tarmac)  Thu 19th - Sun 22nd Sep 
Spain Rally Catalunya   (Tarmac)  Fri 24th - Sun 26th Oct 

How many rallies has Gilles Panizzi won and on what surface?

Gilles Panizzi has won 7 rallies of the World Rally Championship:

What is the rally that Gilles Panizzi has won the most times?

3Italy Rallye Sanremo (Tarmac)
2France Tour de Corse (Tarmac)
2Spain Rally Catalunya (Tarmac)