Porsche 914/6 in the World Rally Championship

Porsche 914/6

Manufacturer: Porsche
Category: Group 3

In 1971 and after three consecutive victories Porsche wanted to retire the 911 and was presented with its latest model the 914, “endorsed” by the recent successes of this car on the circuits. Such was their interest that no 911 was entered in the rally that year despite the three consecutive victories in the Monte (from 1968 to 1970).

A priori it was not a bad idea since it was a lighter car and with a more logical engine layout (central), at least in theory. The idea was supported by the fact that it cost about half as much to produce and prepare as a 911.

Despite the frontal opposition of the drivers themselves, including Waldegaard, who believed that the 914 cost half as much but was also half as good as the 911, the Porsche team entered the 914, which had to face a battalion of Renault Alpines that copied the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th positions.

Porsche 914/6 teams and drivers

The Porsche 914/6 was primarily campaigned by privateers and smaller rally teams rather than factory-supported efforts. However, some entries received backing and technical support from Porsche.

Notable Pilots and Performances

  1. Björn Waldegård

    • Nationality: Swedish
    • Notable Achievements: Björn Waldegård, one of the prominent rally drivers of the era, piloted the Porsche 914/6 to a significant victory at the 1970 Monte Carlo Rally. This win highlighted the potential of the 914/6 in rallying, showcasing its handling and performance capabilities on challenging terrain.
  2. Günter Steckkönig

    • Nationality: German
    • Notable Achievements: Günter Steckkönig, a Porsche test driver, also competed in the 1970 Monte Carlo Rally with the 914/6. Although he did not achieve the same level of success as Waldegård, his participation further demonstrated Porsche's interest in rallying with the 914/6.
  3. Ove Andersson

    • Nationality: Swedish
    • Notable Achievements: Ove Andersson, another accomplished rally driver, drove the 914/6 in several events. While he did not secure major wins with the car, his involvement added to the 914/6's rally pedigree.
  4. Claude Haldi

    • Nationality: Swiss
    • Notable Achievements: Claude Haldi was a well-known privateer who competed with the Porsche 914/6 in various European rallies, including the Monte Carlo Rally. His efforts contributed to the car's recognition in the rally community.

Porsche 914/6 technical specifications

The Porsche 914/6, a variant of the Porsche 914 equipped with a six-cylinder engine, had a notable presence in the World Rally Championship (WRC) during the early 1970s.

The Porsche 914/6 featured a mid-mounted 2.0L flat-six engine, derived from the Porsche 911, producing around 110-125 hp. Its mid-engine layout provided excellent weight distribution and handling characteristics, making it competitive on twisty and technical rally stages. The car's relatively light weight and agility were advantageous in certain rally conditions, though it lacked the outright power and traction of some of its four-wheel-drive competitors.

Production Years1970-1972
Engine2.0L Flat-6 (Boxer)
Power Output110 hp (82 kW) at 5,800 rpm
Torque160 Nm (118 lb-ft) at 4,200 rpm
Transmission5-speed manual
DrivetrainRear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive (RWD)
Suspension (Front)Independent, torsion bar with telescopic shock absorbers
Suspension (Rear)Independent, coil springs with telescopic shock absorbers
Brakes (Front)Ventilated discs
Brakes (Rear)Solid discs
Weight940 kg (2,072 lbs)
Top SpeedApproximately 210 km/h (130 mph)
0-60 mphApproximately 8 seconds
Wheelbase2,450 mm (96.5 in)
Length3,980 mm (156.7 in)
Width1,650 mm (65 in)
Height1,220 mm (48 in)
Fuel Capacity62 liters (16.4 gallons)

Additional Information:

The Porsche 914/6, though produced in limited numbers, remains a highly regarded model for its performance, handling, and the unique combination of Porsche engineering with an accessible sports car package.